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About The Rooster

In October of 2010 … Good friends Shane Smith and Jet Tennant teamed up to open and operate the Old Town Red Rooster Cafe. In time, they turned their little cafe into a local favorite in Old Town. In January 2014, after 3 1/2 years of working together and constantly evolving, Jet and Shane decided to continue their successes separately. Jet is the new owner of R.I.O.T., another favorite hot spot in Old Town, while Shane continues to thrive as the sole owner of the Old Town Red Rooster Cafe.

The Old Town Red Rooster Cafe continues to be committed to providing great food with the best ingredients available and the highest level of customer service.

12809781_1010204722365987_6995587348397519729_nShane Smith

Shane Smith grew up in Connecticut, working in a family business for 12 years before moving to Arizona. He remembers cooking with his grandmother as a child and always being interested in new flavors. Shane first started working in restaurants when he was twenty years old and loved the fast and energetic pace. He has worked as a prep cook, a busser, line cook and bartender.  He loves making his customers smile through his culinary creations.

Shane enjoys fresh, good quality food and is interested in micro brews and focuses on local and small family-owned businesses. Shane teamed up with his Uncle Jim and continues as the owner and manager (and sometimes cook!).  Uncle Jim lives in NYC, and is now a silent partner to Shane (but maybe not as silent as Shane would like!).  Someday Jim will retire to Cottonwood and give Shane a day off.

Shane is passionate about creating comfort food with fresh ingredients. Supporting LOCAL, SMALL FAMILY COMPANIES and organic products is the backbone of the Rooster philosophy, and our customers have responded. The Rooster has been recognized in Verde independent’s KUDOS section with a “Readers Choice Award,” for Best Organic Restaurant and in October 2011, Phoenix Magazine Listed them as one of the “Top Ten New Restaurants in the State.” The Arizona Republic did an article featuring their desserts, and the best compliment of all is that the Rooster has a strong regular customer base, many of them eating in the restaurant several times a week.

Outside of the restaurant, Shane loves cars, music and the outdoors. Go Danica 🙂